Technology Surgeries

Just Ask Sal has been working in Bempton, Buckton, Bridlington and Hornsea, with a variety of projects since early 2017.

Technology surgeries have been put in place in Hornsea, for both the Living Well project and more recently for the newly established Welcome Centre . Weekly sessions at Bempton & Buckton’s Community Hall at the Pop In coffee mornings have been operating since 2015.

Since lock-down, these two hour Monday morning sessions, have transferred successfully to Zoom and been online since week three of the new regulations.

Bempton and Buckton Community Hall – Pop In Sessions have transferred to Digital Monday Mornings during lock-down.

Some typical issues that have been requested by are listed here. But the aim of all sessions, is very much listen to the individuals and try to help them with their particular needs.

  • Getting to know about Apps
  • Understanding emails
  • Using camera and finding photos
  • Getting the best from Google (maps, photos, searches)
  • Shopping and ordering online
  • Safety Online
    • Phishing and Scams
    • Updates and security
  • Banking online
  • Connectivity and using mobile data
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Getting the most out of your Tablet
  • Help withe repeat prescriptions (or just signing up with GP online)
  • Catch up TV
  • Hearing about Alexa, Google Home and Siri
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends.

The Welcome Centre Hornsea, is now offering a range of sessions online and Sal is supporting these events. You can find out more on their website or check out Sal’s page about how to book