The Welcome Centre, Hornsea

Virtual Meetings for The Welcome Centre get underway

During the lock-down, due to the Corona Virus, the Welcome Centre offered its first virtual meetings, which were a great success.

As things are starting to ease, the project team are conscious that not everyone will yet feel at ease about going out and about.

The free online sessions are an attempt to help everyone, both in Hornsea and in the outlying villages start to build (or rebuild) connections with each other.

Stencilling on a Budget- 20th August 2020 2.00 pm

Session lead by Fiona Caley – Free online event

Fiona Caley will be showing us how to use simple techniques to create folky stencils that can be used on wrapping paper or to make greetings cards. All you will need is A4 paper, any kind of paints, scissors, a sponge or two, some water, a black felt tip, wrapping paper (brown paper works well) and some blank greetings cards.

Here is a great short clip of Fiona’s work

You must book a place to be able to attend the event. So please send a message with your details, to Sal Cooke using the contact page on this website.

You will then receive all the details of how to join the online meeting in a personal email from Sal on behalf of the Welcome Centre Hornsea

So why not grab a coffee and join us on Zoom – for Fiona’s session. Even if you have never had a go before, now is a great opportunity to join us and start to get involved, in a safe and fun place.

If you are unsure of what to do please do not worry, Sal is on hand to help.

If you have already got Zoom on a device, (tablet, phone, laptop or desktop) that would be great. If not Sal can help you can reach her easily through the contact page on this website.

If you are on Messenger, then send a message via the Welcome Centre’s Facebook page or if you would prefer to ring – then her mobile number is 0787 294 3933

To book a place, remember just use the Contact form on this site